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Gwalior : -Just a few hours from Agra by train or road, Gwalior is famous for its old and very large fort. Within the fort walls are several interesting temples and ruined palaces. The dramatic and colourful history of the great fort goes back over 1000 years. Gwalior is 110 kms from Agra and a 2 hrs drive by road or a one hour train ride on the Shatabdi Express. You can travel to Gwalior from Agra and return on the same day.

Gwalior is dominated by its fort, which tops the long hill to the north of Lashkar, the new town. The old town clings to the hill, north-east of the fort.

About Gwalior Fort

Rising 100 m above the town, the fort hill is about 3 km long. Its width varies from nearly 1 km to less than 200m. The walls, which encircle almost the entire hilltop, are 10 m high and imposingly solid. Beneath them, the hill face is a sheer drop away to the plains. On a clear day the view from the fort walls is superb.

You can approach the fort from the south or the north-east. The north-eastern path starts from the archaeological museum and follows a wide, winding slope to the doors of the Man Singh Palace. The southern entrance, via Urbai Gate, is a long, gradual ascent by road, past Jain sculptures on the cliff-face.

An atmospheric sound-and-light show is held every evening at the open-air amphitheatre outside the Man Singh Palace. The English version is at 1930 hrs and the Hindi version is at 1830 hrs. Entry tickets are Rs. 150 Per person.


Other Interesting Places Inside the Fort Wall

Jain Sculptures: The long ascent on the southern side climbs up through a ravine to the fort gate. Along the rock faces flanking this road are many Jain sculptures, some impressively big. Originally cut into the cliff-faces in the mid-15th century, they were defaced by the forces of Babus in 1527 but were later repaired.

Teli Ka Mandir: This temple probably dates from the 9th century but has been restored. Its peculiar design incorporates a Dravidian roof with Indo-Aryan decorations (the whole temple is covered with sculptures). A Garuda tops the 10m high doorway.

Tours to Gwalior Sasbahu Temples: The Sasbahu, or Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-Law temples stand close to the eastern wall, midway along that side of the fort. The two temples are similar in style, and date from the 9th to 11th centuries. The larger temple has an ornately carved base and figures of Vishnu over the entrances, and four huge pillars support the heavy roof.

Man Singh Palace: North of the Sasbahu Temples stands the Man Singh Palace, a delightfully whimsical building, is also known as the Chit Mandir, or Painted Palace, because of the tiled and painted decorations of ducks, elephants and peacocks. Painted blue with hints of green and gold, it still looks very impressive.

Jai Vilas Palace & Scindia Museum: Although the current Maharaja still lives in the palace of the Scindia family, 35 rooms now form a museum and are open to the public. It is full of the bizarre items Hollywood maharajas are supposed to collect, such as Belgian cut-glass furniture and what looks like half the tiger population of India, all shot, stuffed and moth-eaten. The main durbar hall is impressive. The gold paint used around the room is said to weigh 58 Kg, and the two giant chandeliers are incredible.

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